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How Often Should You Backwash A Pool With Algae?

Jul 29

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How many times do we backwash a swimming pool with algae?

It is great to have a swimming pool in the comfort of your own home, especially during hot days when you need to cool down. It will help you relax and enjoy even in the heat of the summer. But you need to follow regular pool maintenance so that you will have it for long years and won’t cause health problems to those who love to dive in.

One of the pool owner’s problems is the rapid growth of algae when not maintained. We have to admit that there are times that we can’t regularly take care of it, especially when we are also busy with work and family. That is the reason why we need to hire a reliable pool maintenance company to ensure that the water is safe for everyone to use because we can’t afford to put our family’s health at risk just for single enjoyment. And not having regular maintenance will result in more expenses in the future.



What is backwashing?

It is a term used when cleaning the filter of the swimming pool. This method makes a reverse flow of water through its filter system to remove all the debris and any build-up contamination that make the water dirty and could cause health problems to anyone who will swim in it.

How many times do we backwash a swimming pool with algae?

The number of times that you need to backwash depends on how efficient the filtration system that you chose, how often you use the pool, and the pool’s position. Yes, the position is important, and it should be away from any tree to avoid being contaminated by those fallen leaves. Maintaining the condition of the pool involves backwashing about once a week or during its scheduled maintenance.

And for those pools that have rapid growth of algae, it is advisable to run the filter 24 hours a day and perform the backwashing method for 3 or 4 times a day to achieve a fast result. Those green algae that make the water cloudy and dirty will surely stuck in the filter. That is why we need to backwash it many times to make the water clear and clean.