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Where do most pool leaks occur?

Jun 24

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Where do most swimming pool leaks found?

Having a private swimming pool is so convenient for those parents who got kids who love to swim and enjoy water fun because you won't have to travel and pay for expensive resorts just to give them those fun experiences. Plus, you can just watch them while you are in the comfort of your home or while doing household stuff. But just like everything, it needs proper maintenance to perform its duty well and to avoid more damages that can cost you much in the future.

A serious swimming pool leaks are primarily the main problem why some people spend lots of money fixing them. That is why every owner should know the responsibility that comes with it. Ignoring the responsibility of taking proper care of it will result in many issues like this. Leaks happen because of a lack of proper maintenance and not addressing the problem immediately.

Detecting pool leaks is difficult and time consuming; sometimes, the defects are not visible when you will just check the outer core, and it needs an expert to know the main issue. But some of the obvious signs are:

  • Crack tiles that surround the area
  • Chemical imbalance
  • Water quality or the increasing growth of algae
  • The presence of tree roots
  • Wet pool surroundings

Where do most swimming pool leaks occur? The most know area where leaks occurred is in the:

  • Structural Leaks - These are the obvious leaks that we usually see. Some reason behind that is pool aging and without proper maintenance. When you find some cracked tiles, even just a small one, you should immediately fix them to prevent making them worse.
  • Pool Pump - This is the essential part of the pool because it is responsible for evenly circulating the pool chemicals, and if it does not function well, there will be a chemical imbalance that can cause a rapid increase of algae.
  • Pool Filters - Pool filters and pumps are different, which people think they have the same functions. Pumps are the ones that will help the water to reach through the filters. And filters are the ones that will manage the water to be clean and crystal clear.